Water.org: Meet Honduran safe water beneficiaries

Maria Vazquez
Maria lives with her husband in their simple home in the community of Guatincara. Before the safe water project, Maria hauled water for years from an unprotected water source. In recent years she was able to obtain some basic tubing and bring water to her home from a different unprotected source. Since Water.org and its local partner, COCEPRADIL, completed the project in her community, Maria has safe, clean water in her house for the first time. She also no longer uses the forest as her toilet. Maria and her husband also have their very own latrine for the first time in their lives.

Santo Luis Ramos Vazquez (25 year old son of Maria Vazquez)
Santo Luis recently moved out of his parent’s house into his own house. He is working to prepare his home for when he gets married. A big part of preparing his house has been working to complete the water project in his community to bring clean water directly to his home. He has also been working on a latrine.

Santo Luis was very involved in the construction of the new water system and household latrines. Guatincara’s new water system is a gravity flow water system that brings water from a mountain spring to houses in the community. The water system includes over nine miles of pipe, all laid and buried by hand by the community. Santo was very involved in this construction. He served as a coordinator of the community labor, overseeing 30 men from the community as they worked together to construct the system.

From Water.org

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