Salem: Seepage pollutes water in borewells

Blocking of sewers in Vellakuttai channel to carry out desilting works has led to the problem

SALEM: The residents of Babu Nagar and Kurinchikaradu and neighbouring residential localities in Ward 41 are facing a weird problem.

The problem is the seepage of drainage waters from the nearby Vellakuttai channel, which has been brought under the Tirumanimutharu River Rehabilitation Project. Salem Corporation has undertaken desilting and restoration works in Vellakuttai channel.

As the works are under way, the workers have blocked the sewers in the channel, which has led to the seepage into the near-by wells and bore-wells.


The water in their borewells and wells is stinking with worms and insects.

The residents charge that before the start of the work, Mayor J. Rekha Priyadrashini assured the residents that she would take appropriate steps to check the seepage by building side walls immediately.

“But till today, it is not honoured. The works are going on at snail’s pace,” said a resident here.

Health problems

The residents also pointed out that using the contaminated water has led to a bout of rashes and contagious fever.

Mosquitoes have been ruling the roost, resulting in the people falling sick often.

The areas are inhabited by working class and poor people who have no other go but to toil every day to sustain their livelihood.

On Saturday, the women, to show their protest against the civic body’s apathy, collected water in their pots and emptied the same in the roads and streets.

They also submitted a petition to Collector J. Chandrakumar and sought his intervention in this issue of high priority.


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