Solution to water problem through use of isotopes

THANJAVUR: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Trombay, is involved in solving the water problem in eight Himalayan sites using isotopes said K. Shivanna, Head, Isotope Hydrology Section, Isotope Application division, BARC, here on Monday.

Speaking at the national-level workshop on ‘Geomatic based natural resources disaster mitigation and Managements’ organised by the Department of Industries and Earth Sciences of Tamil University, Dr. Shivanna said that four of the eight sites were in Uttarkhand, two in Himachal Pradesh, one in Mizoram and one in Jammu and Kashmir. The project had been entrusted to BARC following its successful salvation of water problem in some Himalayan areas using isotopes. After the water recharging techniques were conducted in these places, nearly 19 water springs were actually yielding nine times more quantity of water than they were doing in the past.

BARC had been involved in using advanced isotope techniques in water resource development and water management. This technique was of much use and quick in solving water problems than conventional methods. “We can identify the source and origin of pollutants of water also using isotopes,” Dr. Shivanna said. M. Rajendran, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil University, called for living close with nature to avoid disasters. P. Raja, Deputy General Manager (Geology), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, R. Baskaran, Professor and Head, Department of Industries and Earth Sciences and G. Deivanayagam, Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Tamil University, also spoke.


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