Coimbatore: Drinking water position comfortable

COIMBATORE: The water position in the Siruvani Dam is comfortable as of now. It is, in fact, three feet higher than the level in mid-February last year. Yet, the Coimbatore Corporation advises caution on the part of the people. Water supply officials say that the harsh part of the summer is yet to begin and that the present water level is no reason to indulge in reckless use.

The water level in the dam on Tuesday was nearly 37 ft, as against the full reservoir level of 49.35 ft. Officials point out that the level is nearly three feet higher than the ones over the last three years (2007 to 2009).

A combination of good rain and restricted supply through last year has enabled the maintaining of a comfortable level till now. The catchment and dam received 3,770 mm rain in 2007, 2,168 in 2008 and 2,925 in 2009. Though the cumulative rainfall (South West Monsoon, North-East Monsoon, summer showers and low pressure-induced) in 2009 was 845 mm less than in 2007, the water level as of February 23 is higher by two feet. The continuance of alternate day supply in the city despite the dam being full for a few months is said to be one of the major reasons behind a reasonably good storage at this point of time.

But, the consumption usually goes up during summer and this phase is yet to begin. March and April will be a real test for the local bodies’ supply tightening skills and the people’s ability to use drinking water judiciously, the officials say.

Unlike in the past, the Pilloor scheme will not come to the rescue of the western parts of the city if there is a shortage in Siruvani supply.

K.V. Prasad From THE HINDU


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