Salem: Campaign on prevention of bush fires in forest areas

Officials speak to people in Shevaroyan hills and other areas near Salem

SALEM: As summer has started parching the earth, the officials from the Department of Forests have also launched their routine annual exercise of making the public aware of bush fires in Shevaroyan and other hills surrounding the city and district.

Preventive measure: Forest officials launching awareness campaign against wild fires by distributing handbills at the foothills of Yercaud in Salem on Saturday. — Photo: P. Goutham

On Saturday a team of officials distributed handbills asking the public not to carry inflammable articles and irresponsibly throw lighted sticks and half-burnt cigarette butts that used to cause heavy damage to the flora and fauna of the forests in Shevaroyan and other hills.

The tourists also were asked to be responsible while they enjoyed Yercaud atop the hills.

In addition to this, the officials also asked the villagers surrounding the foot hills to be ever vigilant.

Tom-tom campaign was also carried out in these villages. School children also were brought in to spread the message.

The District Forest office also provided phone numbers for emergency calls.

They are: Salem: 0427-2415097; Asthampatti: 98425 14215; Yercaud: 94432 65748; Danishpet: 94426 39636; Mettur: 94436 35936 and Pappireddipatti: 94422 63426.


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