Coimbatore: Aliyar scheme helps provide water

Dependency on Siruvani Dam will come down further

COIMBATORE: As in the past, this year too the suburbs west and south of the city are not enthused by reports that the water level in the Siruvani Dam is higher than last year. This is because the municipalities and town panchayats dependent on the drinking water scheme bear the brunt of shortage in the dam, but not any surplus.

IN PROGRESS: Pipes being laid at Navavur Privu in Vadavalli Town Panchayat near the city to provide drinking water under the Bhavani Combined Drinking Water Supply Scheme. – Photo: S. Siva Saravanan

This year marks a slight change: some of the local bodies in the suburbs are not totally downcast and are hopeful that the alternative water schemes will help them manage the summer. But, the delay in completing some works is causing concern, they say.

The Kurichi and Kuniamuthur municipalities say they are comfortably placed because they are already getting water supply under the Aliyar scheme. Though more of a trial run ahead of the actual commissioning, even this has helped in bailing these local bodies out of trouble. Both of them, however, say that some more works are to be completed in order to commission the scheme.

Kavundampalayam Municipality and Vadavalli Town Panchayat too await the completion of the Bhavani scheme. These local bodies, however, are not as comfortably placed as the Kurichi and Kuniamuthur municipalities. They still depend on the Siruvani supply as works to construct water tanks and connect lines are yet to be completed under the Bhavani scheme.

The Vadavalli Town Panchayat says that though the water level in the Siruvani Dam now is higher than the one in mid-February last year, it cannot translate into an increased supply to the local body. The quota remains at 7.65 lakh litres and the frequency of supply has worsened to once in 10 days from once in four days around the same time last year.

Earlier, there were indications of supply under the new scheme beginning by the end of this month, according to sources in the town panchayat.

The delay causes concern, but there are some hints that the scheme may be completed by April. The Bhavani scheme will provide 5.5 million litres a day (mld) and may even enable daily supply in the town panchayat.Kavundampalayam gets 3.4 mld of Siruvani water and more than one mld of Pilloor water. The new scheme will provide 11 mld to it.

“We are in better times now because of the supply under the Aliyar scheme,” says Kuniamuthur Municipality Chairperson S. Thulasimani. Apart from the three mld of Siruvani water, nearly 2.5 mld of Aliyar supply is also made in the municipality.

But, the entire municipality does not get Aliyar supply. It is made once in four or five days in the core Kuniamuthur area, Sugunapuram and Idayarpalayam. Siruvani supply is also made here once in eight or nine days. The municipality claims that it supplies Siruvani water once in six or seven days to Kovaipudur and once in five days to Sundakkamuthur and Ramachettipalayam. The entire one lakh population can get better supply once the Aliyar scheme is completed.

The Kurichi Municipality also breathes easy because of the Aliyar scheme trial run. It gets 2.3 mld from Aliyar river and 3.2 mld from Siruvani Dam. A mix of both enables a supply of once a week, says Chairman of the municipality N. Prabhakaran. “Earlier, the shortage of Siruvani water forced us to supply drinking water only once a fortnight,” he says.



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