Thanjavur: Underground water in 142 blocks overexploited

THANJAVUR: One hundred and forty two blocks out of the total of 385 blocks in Tamil Nadu are overexploited with respect to underground water, said N. Varadaraj, Regional Director, Central Ground Water Board, Chennai, here on Tuesday.

He told presspersons that eight blocks were saline and other blocks had been classified as critical, semi-criticial, and so on.

Government of India and Tamil Nadu Government had taken up a scheme for rehabilitating tanks.

Besides linking rivers in the State, linking of system tanks was also on the anvil, Mr. Varadaraj said.

A sum of Rs. 500crore had been allotted for artificial recharging of nearly 12 lakh dug wells in the State. Out of this, Rs. 100 crore had been released for taking up recharging of 3.5 lakh wells.


Under the scheme small marginal farmers would get Rs. 4,000 as subsidy for recharging the dug well. Big farmers would be given Rs. 2,000 as subsidy.


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