Karur: Farmers and activists oppose new dyeing units

Say it would further vitiate the fragile ecology in the region

KARUR: Farmers in the district, affected by pollution along with social activists and environmentalists have opposed a plan to establish a new dyeing and bleaching unit at Melapalayam in Karur district.

Various farmers’ forums, Forum for Protection of Water Resources, People’s Livelihood Right Movement and social activists have voiced their opposition to establish a dyeing and bleaching unit alleging that the move would further vitiate the fragile ecology in the region.

Already, sustained industrial pollution has taken a toll of the district’s water sources and environment.

The Amaravathy and the Noyyal have been polluted beyond redemption and have been verily turned into a pollution garbage dump.

Several thousands of acres of fertile fields on which food crops and cash crops were raised and irrigated by these rivers have been rendered fallow.

Year after year crops, cattle and human beings have been affected by industrial pollution.

That being the case, the move by some businesspersons to establish dyeing and bleaching units at Melapalayam Panchayat on the Sanapiratti- Puliyur Road militates against public efforts to stop and reverse pollution affecting water sources.

The organisations have also petitioned the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board against sanctioning clearance for the dyeing unit proposals. However, the TNPCB officials claim that any future dyeing, bleaching unit should install reverse osmosis plant for treating effluents and also comply with the directives and technical advice based on the decision of the High Court that could be disposing of the bunch of cases relating to pollution and only then orders will be given.



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