Coimbatore Corporation begins efforts to avoid water scarcity

COIMBATORE: Indications of summer-specific austerity measures relating to drinking water supply came from the Coimbatore Corporation on Wednesday after it took stock of the situation in the Siruvani and Pilloor dams.

Mayor R. Venkatachalam, Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra and officials of the Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board took part in the stock-taking meeting. The Corporation decided to provide from Thursday 1.5 lakh litres of Siruvani water in lorries to the scarcity-hit areas under the Pilloor scheme. At the same time, the Corporation also appeared to be contemplating further staggering of supply in the Siruvani-served areas also.

From the present alternate day supply, the Siruvani areas might get water only once in four days given the pressure for equitable distribution across the city and also the possibility of water level in the Siruvani Dam plunging fast because of a harsh summer.

But, such a change, that always faced the prospects of a protest, would be first discussed with the leaders of the political parties in the Corporation Council, sources in the civic body said.

The Mayor played down the option of the once-in-four-days supply by saying that a good summer shower might help the Corporation avoid it. At the same time, he also quoted Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board officials as saying at the meeting that the water position in the Siruvani Dam now suggested that 85 million litres a day could be supplied till June. But, nothing could be certain going by only the present situation.

Siruvani had a history of a quickly plunging water level when the summer turned harsher. Therefore, once-in-four days supply could be a fallback option.

“But, right now, we are starting off with 15 lorry loads (of 9,000 litres to 10,000 litres each) of Siruvani water to four wards in the eastern section in order to offset the shortage in Pilloor supply,” the Mayor said.

This would be in addition to the lorry supply that was on for years in the eastern parts of the city.

The lorry supply would be done till April 1. Another assessment of the situation would be done at that time to decide on further staggering of Siruvani supply.

K.V. Prasad From THE HINDU


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