Dindigul: Drinking water being wasted

DINDIGUL: While residents in Dindigul and nearby areas have been running from pillar to post for a pot of drinking water or chasing water lorries in street corners for water, a large quantum of drinking water has been flowing like channels on several streets within municipal limits, owing to frequent breaches developed in drinking water main pipelines and the “lethargic attitude” of the municipal administration in plugging them.

Breaches developed in more than four spots in Vivekenanandha Nagar and two places on Thiruchi main road and one place on West Rath Street in the past four days.

Even today, water was flooding the road at Vivekanandha Nagar, owing to a big breach in the pipeline.

It was a common sight in several places in the town, said local residents.

Already, the Dindigul municipality had been struggling to maintain drinking water supply to several areas.

Water supply was being maintained at least once in a week to major areas and once in 10 or 12 days to high ridge areas.


People in some wards even picketed roads condemning no supply of water to their wards for the past 20 days. Even before the commencement of peak summer, storage in the Athoor dam has come down sharply.

If the mercury level increased in April and in May, Kamarajar dam in Athoor, lifeline of Dindigul, Chinnalapatti and 17 wayside villages, would be dried up. Then the supply wells around the reservoir too would not come to the rescue.

Haphazard completion of the underground drainage project was the main reason for the pathetic condition. Damage of pipelines while digging was not repaired properly, complained the local people.

When the municipality released water, weak and damaged pipes were broken, owing to heavy water pressure.

Large quantum of water drained through broken pipes. Ultimately, the residents did not get water.

The Dindigul municipality pays least attention to plug the breaches in the pipelines, alleged the local people.

Residents of Ramanathapuram and Marudhanikulam picketed R.M. Colony Main Road here on Tuesday, condemning inordinate delay in supply of water.

One bore well that met their demands too dried up. Water supply was not made for the past 15 days.


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