Dindigul: Water cited as cause for urological disorders

DINDIGUL: People residing at Kottaipatti village at Kalikkampatti panchayat in Athoor taluk have been struggling with urology disorders including kidney stones, one of the most painful of the disorders owing to supply of poor quality of drinking water and chemical contaminated ground water sources.

One member in every fourth family had kidney stones. Three to four members in a single family had kidney stone and other such disorders, said the local people.

Residents of Kottaipatti village thronging the Collectorate in Dindigul on Monday demanding protected drinking water.

Hand over petition

Hundreds of residents, who thronged the Collectorate to hand over a petition to the Collector at the grievance day meeting here on Monday, explained their pathetic condition to the Collector.

The ground water and drinking water at this village had chemicals including calcium and other salts beyond permissible levels.

This could be the reason for the pathetic health condition of people at this village, petitioners added.

They also informed the Collector that the matter was brought to the notice of the block development officer and to the panchayat president. Nothing had been done so far.

“We have been demanding for protected supply of drinking water for the past several years. No one took any initiative in this connection. Already, one generation has lost their health. Now, the next generation too has started suffering. If the government failed to take some concrete steps to change the condition of ground water or supply protected drinking water, entire population of this village will die one after another owing to kidney problems,” the worried villagers said.

Inspection ordered

Collector M. Vallalar immediately deputed an officer in the rank of an assistant director to inspect the village and submit a report for immediate action.

Mr. Vallalar also advised for testing the water samples to know the real reason behind the health problems faced by the local people in the village.


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