Singapore: Supermarts should charge S$1 for bags

I AGREE with the points raised in the letter, “Supermarts must charge shoppers for every bag” (my paper, April 22).

As the letter writer mentioned, housewives in the past took along baskets or bags when they went marketing.

That is a good practice.

We should reduce wastage.

Plastic bags are not biodegradable, which means they are hard to break down.

Taking along your own carriers when you go marketing will reduce the amount of wastage and its harmful effects on the environment.

It is good that more Singaporeans are making the effort to be friendly to the environment.

Nowadays, more people are using reusable carriers.

In Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, people are fined for not taking along their own bags.

NTUC FairPrice imposes a $0.10 charge for every plastic bag taken. Those who take along their own bags enjoy a $0.10 rebate.

However, such measures are not sufficient. Supermarts should charge a dollar or more, and this fee would motivate people more to avoid using plastic bags.

Now that I have started using reusable bags, I realise that accumulated plastic bags are a nuisance, because they are a hassle to clear.

Another idea to reduce the use of plastic bags is for shoppers who know each other to share plastic bags – for example, putting more items in one bad, as opposed to having multiple bags.

Lighter items such as vegetables and diapers do not need that many plastic bags.

Singapore is small, but every effort counts.

The earthquakes and floods that have taken place in other countries show that the climate is changing.



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