Drinking water supply is sufficient in Thanjavur

Three motors from Vandikara Street and Anna Nagar seized

THANJAVUR: There was no drinking water problem in Thanjavur Municipal area and 30 million litres per day is supplied from Vennar and Thirumanur pumping stations and from local sources like borewells, said Kamaraj, Municipal Engineer, here on Wednesday.

Replying to Irai Karkuzhali, councillor, who raised the issue of drinking water and wanted to know how much water is supplied, Mr. Kamaraj said that the present supply is sufficient for the municipality and in fact per capita supply in Thanjavur is more than water supplied in other municipalities.

Sadasivam, councillor, wanted to know whether action has been taken against those who illegally pump drinking water using motors. The engineer said that three motors from Vandikara street and Anna Nagar have been seized. Subramanyam, councillor, said that verification by officials for issue of new ration cards in Thanjavur Municipal area is not done properly.

So many consumers have not got their ration cards.

Ration card verification

There are 62 ration shops in municipal area and ration card verification should be done. To this Commissioner, Nadarajan, said that the work is related to Revenue Department. It has to be appealed to the Collector and District Supply Officer.

New rates fixed

The municipality adopted resolution approving new rates fixed for giving permission for construction of buildings in the municipal area. Thenmozhi Jayabal, Chairperson, presided over the meeting.



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