Salem: Irregular water supply inconveniences residents

Water lorries arrive erratically in Talamalai Nagar

SALEM: The residents of Talamalai Nagar in ward 60 here face strange problems. The lorries that bring water to them often play truant.

The residents, mainly women, say that they are assured of water twice a week – on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Long queue: Women wait for the water tanker at Talamalai Nagar in Salem on Tuesday. - Photo: P. Goutham


The lorries used to supply water to them at already designated places where the women always form queue to avoid confusion.

But of late, these lorries have started arriving erratically, thus forcing the women to suffer under the scorching sun.

Many of them work here as house maids and labourers. Nearly 300 families live in this colony totally depending on the supply from lorries.

The people have informed the authorities concerned about the erratic supply of water by lorries.

But no action has been taken so far, says a resident.

Besides this, the single bore well has gone dry, thus forcing the people to depend on lorry supply.

The residents urge the officials to ensure regular supply.


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