Simplify Your Life by Using Less Plastic

1) Bring your own grocery bags to the store and stop taking plastic produce bags. You don’t need a separate bag for each item. Apples and oranges get along fine together during the short ride home, as do broccoli and green peppers. If you need a produce bag for smaller items, you can use cloth bags or wash and bring back the plastic bags you already have.

2) Cut out bottled beverages and carry your own stainless steel water container or travel mug. I myself prefer a travel mug because it is so versatile. I can get hot or cold drinks in it. Your mileage may vary. Make friends with water fountains and have the gumption to go into eateries and ask for free water in your own container.

3) Look at all the processed foods, frozen foods, energy bars, cereals, etc. that you buy and figure out which things you can cut out. Eating whole foods instead of processed is healthier and helps us reduce waste, plastic and otherwise. If you have stores that sell foods in bulk bins where you can bring your own bags and containers, use them. If not, skip individual serving sizes and buy the largest size packages you will actually be able to consume. They use much less plastic than individual servings.

From Beth Terry

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