Dindigul: Tanks, supply channels need to be protected

DINDIGUL: Protection of rural tanks and supply channels is possible only with the help of community.

Rural people should not allow anyone to encroach water bodies and their supply channels in order to improve ground water sources and wipe out drinking water crisis in a phased manner, said Collector M. Vallalar.

Common cause:Collector M. Vallalar addressing a gram sabha meeting at Chettinaickenpatti near Dindigul on Saturday. — PHOTO: G. KARTHIKEYAN

He was participating in the Gram Sabha meeting at Chettinaickenpatti near here on Saturday.

The district administration had started restoring damaged or destructed tanks in all unions and rehabilitating them through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Community participation was essential for successful implementation of this scheme, he added.

“People should protect the tanks and supply channels in each and every village. Encroachers should not be allowed to occupy tank area and channels.”

District administration had received proposals from Chettinaickenpatti village panchayat for the implementation of special drinking water project for the panchayat. Water will be drawn from Thadikombu to meet the growing drinking water needs, he added.

Enumeration of huts at the village had also been commenced. Persons living in huts would get financial assistance for construction of concrete houses under Kalaignar Housing Scheme, said the Collector.

The Gram Sabha approved several schemes to be taken under MGNREGS at this panchayat.


Identification of beneficiaries under Kalaignar Insurance Scheme was underway. After identifying the beneficiaries, funds will be released to them for construction of concrete houses, said Collector P. Muthuveeran.

He was taking part in a Gram Sabha meeting held at Anamalaiyanpatti near here on Saturday.

Development works at an estimated cost of Rs.20 lakh had been taken up this year.

A ration shop was opened and group houses were constructed for the poor. More facilities would be created for the economic uplift of the panchayat, he added.

The Gram Sabha discussed the implementation of various schemes, list of beneficiaries identified under various welfare schemes and other requirements and future plans of village panchayat. Gram Sabha was conducted at all village panchayats.


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