Marine species washed ashore

RAMANATHAPURAM: Dozens of fishes and endangered marine species were found washed ashore off Mandapam coast on Saturday.

Unusual:Fishes and endangered marine species washed ashore at Mandapam.

Many marine species were found floating along the shore. Though the dead fishes were found floating in patches here and there, a large number of marine animals were found dead at Munaikadu shore near Mandapam.

Sea cucumber, seahorse and other rare species were among those found dead. The colour of the sea had also changed in patches. It looked muddy and yellow in several areas. Bad odour had been emanating from the seashores. Meerasa of Munaikadu said around 5 km stretch between Mandapam and Uchipuli was littered with dead fishes of all sizes.

It was not clearly known what caused the death of fishes. However, the local fishermen said it could be because of low oxygen level in the sea. They also did not rule out the possibility of high temperature. Officials of fisheries and forest departments were yet to visit the spot.


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