Torrential rain rocks Dindigul; Theni records sporadic rainfall

Heavy downpour hits Kodaikanal disrupting movement of tourists

DINDIGUL: Torrential rain rocked Dindigul district last night, damaging bunds of several tanks and check dams and washing away barricade of culverts and retention wall of Chinnar River which was constructed last month at Adhi Lakshmipuram in Athoor union.

it's bad:Dindigul-Sempatti Road at Adhi Lakshmipuram near Dindigul that got damaged due to the rain.

Some stretches of Athoor-Dindigul road was also washed away owing to flash floods in streams.

Several tanks in Athoor, Batlagundu and Nilakottai were overflowing. Nilakottai recorded the highest rainfall of 156.2 mm in the district last night, followed by Kodaikanal that received 90.5 mm. Prime roads in Nilakottai town were flooded with rain water paralysing normal life.

Tanks at Kurumbapatti, Noothalapuram, Kualthupatti, Koovanuthu, Valankottai, Nilakottai pass and at Eeli Naickenpatti were full.

Rain water flooded Nilakottai town owing to massive encroachment of the discharge channel of main tank near the town.

Tourists too had tough time on Kodaikanal hill as heavy down pour hit the hill, disrupting movement of tourists.

Train services were resumed early in the morning as technical crew worked throughout the night to drain the rain water that had flooded one of the tracks between Kodaikanal and Dindigul section.


Except the Vaigai dam and Veerapandi, the district and Periyar catchments recorded sporadic rain only.

However, inflow into both Periyar and Vaigai dams was good.

Agriculture activities were in full swing in rain fed areas. Agriculture officers hoped that area under pulses and cereals cultivation will go up substantially. This was the fourth rainfall during this summer.

Water level in Periyar dam rose marginally to 109.9 feet. Inflow was 174 cusecs and the discharge nil.

Storage was 895 mcft. Inflow into Vaigai dam has been steadily increasing, thanks to torrential showers in the dam site. The dam recorded 47 mm rain, highest rainfall in the district.

Storage level in the dam went up to 29.79 feet on Saturday (29.46 feet on Friday), due to an inflow of 204 cusecs. Storage was 360 mcft. The discharge was 41 cusecs.

Rainfall recorded at various places in both districts at 8 a.m. on Friday in mm: Periyar 6, Thekkadi 1.8, Goodalur 2.8, Uthamapalayam 6, Shanmuga River Dam 2, Vaigai dam 47 and Veerpandi 32, Dindigul 42.2, Natham 57, Nilakottai 156.2, Palayam 12, Oddanchatram 24.5, Vedasandur 38.5, Vedasandur Tobacco Research Station 45.2, Kodaikanal 62.2 and Kodaikanal Boat Club 90.5.


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