Hyderabad: Water problem gets worse in city

Hyderabad: A demonstration with empty pots may be an annual ritual for public representatives, but for many residents in the State capital they are becoming a harrowing fact. With summer peaking, the elixir of life is getting scarcer by the day. Notwithstanding what the Water Board says, the supplies have suddenly turned short and erratic.

DESPERATE SITUATION: A migrant worker tries to collect water from a leaking main line for his daily needs on the Banjara Hills Road.

Complaints of insufficient supplies are pouring in from several areas. “We are getting water alright but it is very meagre,” is the refrain. Some areas are experiencing the problem of supplies suddenly stopping without notice. For instance, in parts of Nehru Nagar in East Marredpally several houses went without water for two days recently.

Crisis in Malkajgiri

The situation in Malkajgiri is simply worse. Nearly 40 per cent of the area is getting water once in 10 days, forcing residents to depend on tankers. The problem has arisen due to supplies stopping from the Defence Colony reservoir consequent on water level in the Singur reservoir dropping. The other reservoir at Gowthamnagar gets Krishna water. “We tried to represent the problem to Chief Minister K. Rosaiah, the other day when he visited A.S. Rao Nagar, but we were not allowed to meet him. In fact the police beat up women who wanted to submit a representation,” said B.T. Srinivasan, vice president, United Federation of Residents Welfare Association.

Situation acute

Same is the case in the surrounding localities. The problem is more acute in parts of the old city like Sultan Shahi, Gowlipura, Lal Darwaza, Uppuguda and Lalitabagh. The main problem here is of low pressure. Recently the supply was switched to alternate day. “But now it is restored”, says Adil of Falaknuma.

In interior areas like Bandlaguda, Hashamabad, Errakunta one can see residents fetching water from far off places. The area being hilly, houses here have problem getting water. As such, some residents have constructed sumps at lower levels to collect water. In peripheral areas too, it is an endless struggle for water. Long rows of empty pots are a regular feature here.



2 Responses to Hyderabad: Water problem gets worse in city

  1. Syed Zabeer Uddin says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Pipe line laying works Stopped – Reg

    Drinking Water Pipe line to leading Ghouse Nagar to Maylareddy Nagar is stopped at Tulsinagar Jahagngira Bad, an early action in this regard to expedite the works so as enable to complete the task atleast by the end of Janauary 2011 so that to supply drinking water in the month of March , already small pipe line to connect the houses is laid partially ………………………..
    Zuabair Ahmed

  2. Dr.P.Venkateshwar Rao says:

    From To
    Dr.P.Venkateshwar Rao Commissioner/Spl.Officer
    19-27,V.V.Nagar MCH (Greater Hyderabad).
    Dilsukhnagar. Hyderabad.500060
    Mobile No: 9490192672

    Respected Sir,

    I am resident of H.No.19-27, Vivekananda Nagar Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad 500060. I would like to take this opportunity to bring very important issue related to public health to your notice which is neglected and left over to the fate and mercy of god.
    Hyderabad water works is supplying us with filthy contaminated dirty water for last 15 days. This was brought to notice of local water works department. In spite of this severe health problem, local authorities are working at snail pace, leading to use of water available and supplied by local operators, charging exorbitantly on unhealthy water for day to day use and for drinking water

    At this juncture I wish to bring to kind notice that in the same lane one Montessori School with 500 students and a High school with 800 students under the banner of Ramakrishna Sharada Vidyalaya is in operation.
    This stinking situation has lead to outbreak of diseases, as entire street is polluted with drainage water .
    In this connection I request to look in to the matter and order for;

    1. Immediately restoring the damaged drinking water/drainage line on war front.
    2. To take precautionary measures against outbreak of diseases.
    3. To monitor for unauthorized private operators arranging for water connections leading to contamination of tap water with drainage water.

    Thanking you
    Yours Sincerely
    P.Venkateshwar rao
    Mobile 9490192672

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