Bangalore: Expert team to review law on plastic bags

BANGALORE: So far, the ban on plastics in the state has remained on paper, but this time the Ministry of Environment and Forests is planning to give teeth to it.

A new, eight-member expert team on plastics has been asked to review the draft plastic waste management rules of 2009 to make it more effective.

The ministry has also asked the committee to find an ecofriendly and practical alternative to plastic carry bags.

Karnataka State Pollution Board (KSPCB) Chairman A S Sadashivaiah said though most states in India, including Karnataka, had imposed a ban on plastic bags less than 20 microns in thickness, the ban has remained only on paper.

This, he said, despite the fact that 80 per cent of plastic disposed everyday comprised of plastic bags.

Sadashivaiah said there should be a multi-pronged approach to tackle this. Pune was an ideal example in this regard, he said.

In Pune, an organised sector of ragpickers has been able to successfully collect a huge quantity of plastics. Sadashivaiah said they had also installed a diesel production plant from plastics in Pune.

He said the BBMP had to take proactive measures for collecting, disposing and recycling plastic bags.

“A change of lifestyle is also required,” he said.

A member of the expert commitee, Ravi Agarwal of Toxics Link, said the ministry was trying to reveiw the draft rules at the fundamental level so that the law becomes more practical.

He said there were many alternatives to the plastic carry bags and the job was to create more space for them.

From Express Buzz


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