So how much does your vehicle pollute?

BANGALORE: If you don’t have the Pollution Under Check (PUC) certificate for your vehicle, it’s time to get one soon. The transport department is planning to digitize its 450 emission testing centres in the state, of which 287 are in Bangalore.

Once this process is complete, vehicle owners without the PUC certificate will get a reminder via email or an SMS.
The project will be implemented in another two months in all 55 RTO centres across the state. The transport department decided to digitize the process after it was revealed that only 18% of vehicles have emission certificate, which is valid for six months.

“The main aim is to ensure that all vehicles are following emission norms. This technology will help us gather data from across the state. The government is not spending on this project; it is being handled by Keonics,” transport commissioner Bhaskar Rao said.

“It’s a mammoth task for the department to collect data from 450 emission testing centres every month. In the new process, the department will have a central server, which will be connected to all emission testing centres. The data recorded in each centre will be stored in this central server,” officials said.

The PUC stamp is also necessary for getting a fitness certificate for your vehicle. “The emission testing equipment should be de-carbonized regularly. The digitization process will help the department keep track on all emission testing centres,” said a transport department official.

From TOI

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