Tiruchi: Windmills for smaller stations

TIRUCHI: The Tiruchi Railway Division, which recently commissioned two windmills to ensure uninterrupted power supply, has planned to install more windmills in smaller railway stations if this experiment proves a success.

This is a green initiative launched to make best use of wind energy for power requirements, according to railway sources.

The division commissioned a 2 KV windmill first in Aduthurai railway station near Kumbakonam in March.

Power generation through windmill here has proved encouraging so far and was being utilised to run the unreserved ticketing system (UTS) successfully at the station without any hitch.

Uninterrupted issue of unreserved tickets has come as a relief to the railway authorities of this station as well as to the passengers.

The authorities commissioned the second windmill at Kallukuzhi railway ground close to Tiruchi railway junction a few days ago. The average speed of the wind in this ground is six metres per second.

The energy produced is being used for lights and fans in the gymnasium as well as for the stadium.

The installation of a windmill at Kallukkuzhi ground is expected to save power to the tune of 1,200 units per annum, the sources said.

The performance of both the windmills, established at a cost of Rs. 2.89 lakh each, has been satisfactory.

Based on their sustained success, the division has planned to install similar windmills in way-side railway stations, where an average nine metre per second wind speed is recorded.

Wind energy will improve power position in smaller railway stations which experience power shutdown frequently.

The division has also decided to install lower capacity windmill at the manned level crossing gates located in rural areas in a phased manner, the sources added.


The division has launched another initiative to save energy by distributing CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs to the railway quarters. These bulbs use less power and have a longer life.

Already 22,000 CFL bulbs have been distributed to the railway quarters in the division. These are expected to save electricity to a considerable extent, the sources said.


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