Rising summer heat pushes tourists towards Tamill Nadu’s Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal falls - Close View

Hogenakkaal (TN), May 10 : With summer temperatures continuing to rise, tourists and locals are heading towards the Hogenakkaal waterfalls in Tamil Nadu for relief.

Hogenakkal, has many waterfalls, as waters of the River Cauvery cut through rocky terrain. It is estimated that there are more than 30 small waterfalls and 10 big ones.

“We have came here to enjoy boating in the Hogenakkal and we have enjoyed it,” said Nazim Banu, a tourist.

“Amazing tourist place. The atmosphere here is scintillating and I can suggest to all people of Bangalore and nearby places that it is a must-visit place. So, do come here with your family and friends and enjoy this beautiful place,” said Sathya Narayan, another tourist.

Located 750 feet above sea level in the Melagiri Hills, the waters of the Hogenakkaal Falls are medicated due to numerous medicinal plants nearby.

From Daily India

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