Dharmapuri: Water released for irrigation to benefit 15 villages

for farmers: Collector P. Amutha releasing water from Vallimadurai Dam for irrigation on Tuesday.

DHARMAPURI: Collector P. Amutha released water from Vallimadurai Dam on Tuesday for irrigation through Right Main Canal (RMC) and Left Main Canal (LMC). The water would be released for 16 days. As many as 5,108 acres in 15 villages would get benefited.

The water would be released from RMC for first five days and next six days from LMC and for the last five days to lakes on Varattaru. A maximum of 35 cft water would be released on rotation basis to these three ayacut areas.

After releasing the water, Ms. Amutha asked the farmers to cooperate with the PWD officials and use the water judiciously and reap maximum benefit.

The village panchayats to be benefited from the water release are: Vallimadurai, Thatharavalasai, Samanatham, Keeraipatti, Kudiyampatti, Achalwadi, Samanathampudur, Ellapudyaamatti, Nachinampatti, Kilaparai, Eettiyampatti, Mambadi, Sellampatti, Maveripatti and Kammalapatti.

R. Thamaraiselvan, Member of Parliament, Dharmapuri, Mani, Executive Engineer (Irrigation), Anbalagan, Chairman, Harur Panchayat Union, Moyeesan, RDO, Harur among others participated.


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