Cycling mission to save environment

NAGAPATTINAM: A bunch of young-men have wheeled their way on a mission from Chidambaram. The five-person cycle squad of the Friends of Police has commenced on a 14,600 km-cycle tour along the coasts in a bid to save the environment from wanton human greed.

MEN ON A MISSION:The team of five Friends of Police volunteers which has embarked on an all India cycle expedition at Nagapattinam bus terminus on Thursday.—Photo: B. Velankanni Raj

Armed with a vision to create awareness on climate change, global warming, and protection of the fragile earth and its resources from depletion, the cyclists would pedal their way across 24 states and 86 district headquarters. As the coasts play a crucial role in conservation and devastation, their journey would dot along the coastal districts.

The arduous journey that was flagged off on Wednesday at Chidambaram by Pradeep V.Philip, Inspector General of Police, and the man who conceived the novel movement of FOP-envisaging citizen partnership in enforcing security in society along with the uniformed personnel-while he was the Superintendent of Police in Ramanathapuram. Their journey resumed in Nagapattinam on Thursday morning after a night’s halt for yet another destination. The five-month long journey would conclude in Chidambaram.

For the five unemployed graduates, B. Mahendran, R.Senthil Kumar, J.Anbuselvam, R.Rajaselvam and V.Vinodraj, who have set out to strain their sinews on the pedal for a cause, it is the journey and not the destination that would make all the difference.


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