Sea intrudes coastal areas

TIRUNELVELI: After the sea erosion swallowed a road near the shoreline and now inching towards the houses, District Collector M. Jayaraman, accompanied by Radhapuram MLA M. Appavu, Tirunelveli MP S.S. Ramasubbu and top officials from the Departments of Fisheries, revenue and PWD visited the coastal hamlet on Tuesday to ascertain the situation there and the measures to be taken immediately to check further damage to the properties.

According to Uvari panchayat president S.V. Antony, the sea had advanced towards the shore further for about 100 feet in the past few years and could damage the houses when strong wind would hit the coast between mid-June and August.

“We’ve to take concrete measures immediately to save the public from the menacingly advancing sea… When the westerly wind starts lashing the coast during July and August, situation may become worse. So we’ve to act immediately to protect the public and their properties,” said Mr. Appavu.


After inspecting the damage, Mr. Jayaraman said a proposal on constructing the concrete structure at a cost of Rs. 7.50 crore to neutralise the giant waves would be forwarded to the State Government shortly.



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