Project for restoration of water bodies to be over by August

Being implemented in Perambalur district with World Bank aid

PERAMBALUR: The Irrigated Agricultural Modernisation and Water Bodies Restoration and Management (IAMWARM) project now being implemented in Perambalur district with World Bank assistance will be completed by August this year.

Official sources told The Hindu on Saturday that as many as 33 tanks and nine anicuts were taken up for renovation in Perambalur district at a cost of Rs.5.36 crore under the IAMWARM project and 60 per cent work had so far been completed in the district.

The project in Perambalur district benefits a total ayacut of 3,006 hectares and about 48,000 metres length of tank bund will be strengthened and about 43,700 metres length of supply channels is being repaired. Nine sluices will be reconstructed and 16 weirs repaired.

The sources pointed out that the entire project was being implemented with the combined efforts of the water resources, agriculture, agricultural engineering, horticulture, agricultural marketing, animal husbandry and fisheries departments and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

Rehabilitation of tanks, anicuts and supply channels, formation of water users association, introducing alternative crops, precision farming, micro irrigation system, drip and sprinkler irrigation, formation of farm ponds and growing fish, organic farming and system of rice intensification (SRI) method of paddy cultivation are the works being implemented under the project.


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