Eco-Tourism – Nerur near Karur, Tamilnadu

Shiva statue beneath the tree

Nerur is a small beautiful village with lots of vegetation, thanks to the River Cauvery. In the midst of this smoothening, rich cultivation, is a small building. It’s not a temple. It’s a burial place. It is the Samadhi of Saint Sadashiva Brahmendra.

Sadashiva Brahmendra lived around 350 years ago. He was a composer of several Bhajans and Carnatic Songs. He was a saint and is believed to have done several miracles. The Samadhi on the whole was built and maintained by Vijaya Ragunatha Thondaiman of Pudukkottai Samasthanam.

Every year, in the Tamizh month of Vaikasi (Mid May to Mid June), an 8 day festival occurs here starting from Panchami (The 5th day after New Moon day). This little Shiva statue beneath a tree there, attracted me so much.

Unfortunately the temple was closed. It’s an ancient temple for sure. Must be atleast 8-10 Centuries old.Mukkudal merely means the conjuction of 3. Here the 3 are the 3 rivers. One being Cauvery, Second being Amaravathi. The 3rd one is the doubtful part. Some say its Manimutharu and some say its Noyyal.

Here within the river were several sculptures in submerged state. These were mainly hero stones which are little human sculptures which are sculpted in the memory of the soldiers who die in the wars. That is a coracle – A circular boat lying upside down on a river side! And that’s me on top of it!!!



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