Research on impact of sea level in coast

DINDIGUL: Gandhigram Rural University has undertaken a research study on the impact of sea level in the southern part of Tami Nadu owing to global warming.

The study would bring out information on the anticipated shift of high tide line and its probable impact on the coastal rural systems, said N. Narayanasamy, Registrar.

In a release here on Thursday, he said that the study was being undertaken with financial support from Space Application Centre-Indian Space Research Organisation. The ISRO had granted Rs.20 lakh to the university for the project.

Global warming and its triggered snow melt in Antarctica and Arctic regions were expected to raise the sea level to the tune of 0.48 metre to one metre in another 100 years.

It was a proven fact that the entire coastal eco-system was expected to face major threats like submergence of low-lying wetlands, natural resources like ground water systems and potential agricultural lands, human habitations being affected.

The university would bring out predicted impact maps owing to sea level rise in the southern coast of the State, using remote sensing, GPS and GIS technologies. Like GRU, various institutions like Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, Centre for Geo-Engineering (Andhra University) and Centre for Remote Sensing (Bharathidasan University) were engaged in studying the northern part of Tamil Nadu coast, low-lying areas of Krishna-Godavari Delta, Lakshadweep Islands and Mumbai.

University Professor N.D. Mani will conduct the study and the Vice-Chancellor, SM. Ramasamy, will act as an overall technical adviser. Dr. Ramasamy said that it would bring out a newer package of information on coastal vulnerability based on rural management strategies for Tamil Nadu that would be replicated in other parts of the country.



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  1. Nice practice,,,Again a biggest topic to be rectified”Global Warming” feary future,,,

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