Thanjavur: Farmers undergo training

THANJAVUR : A group of 40 farmers from Maharajapuram village near Thiruvaiyaru were given training on pulses production under “Pulses productivity enhancement and stabilisation in Cauvery delta zone” by the Soil and Water Management Research Institute (SWMRI) here recently.

B. Chandrasekaran, Professor and Head of SWMRI said that India has the largest acreage and production of pulses accounting for 37 per cent of the area and 27 per cent of the world’s production. The production of pulses has increased in a relatively slower rate than desired in the last two decades. The prospects of import of pulses not being bright, the domestic demand will have to be met by increasing production of pulses. In India productivity of pulses is low because of several constraints.

He outlined various technologies which can be adopted by farmers to increase pulses production in the delta zone. S. Vallal Kannan, Assistant Professor, (Agronomy demonstrated the management strategies for water and weed management in pulses. K. Parameswari, Assistant Professor, (Seed science and technology) gave an overview of quality seed production in pulses and demonstrated the technique of designer seeds in pulses. S. Suganya, Assistant Professor, (Soil science and agricultural chemistry) briefed the nutrient management practices and soil analysis techniques. Farmers interacted with scientists and got their doubts cleared.

V.G. Mathirajan, Assistant Professor, (Entomology) explained about the various pest management techniques. An exposure visit to National Pulses Research Centre at Vamban in Pudukottai district was organised, said a press release issued by SWMRI here on Monday.


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