Delhi: Bottle menace? Well, don’t ask pollution panel

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has revealed that it has no information on the number of mineral water bottles being disposed of in the city every day. In an RTI reply, the DPCC also said it has no clue about Bisphenol A, a potentially hazardous chemical used to coat plastic water bottles.

Incidentally, plastic bags were banned by the Delhi High Court, which called them a hazard due to the damage they cause to the environment by blocking sewers and creating a solid waste problem. A committee set up by the court also recommended the regulation or banning of pouches of gutkha and tobacco.

However, under the same logic, the issue of disposal of plastic bottles—the sheer numbers of which are almost at par with plastic bags—has been overlooked. The DPCC’s RTI says it is unaware of how the plastic from water bottles is being disposed off. More seriously, it professes ignorance on the presence of Bisphenol A in these bottles.

From Indian Express

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