Farmers to get modern equipment for subsidy

To overcome shortage in farm labourers

help in hand:Nandakishore, Commissioner for Agriculture Produce, distributing agriculture equipment to a member of women SHG in Krishnagiri on Tuesday. – Photo: N. Bashkaran

KRISHNAGIRI: Modern agriculture equipment worth Rs. 60 crore will be given to farmers this year on 100 per cent subsidy, said Nandakishore, Commissioner for Agriculture Produce, here on Tuesday.

Distributing five cono weeders to SHGs undertaking agriculture and one marker equipment, Mr. Nandakishore said, SHGs would be given planting equipment, reeder and nursery equipment as well on h100 per cent subsidy from this year.

Keeping in mind the difficulties expressed by agriculturists regarding shortage of labourers, the government has proposed to give modern agriculture equipment to the women SHGs in the agriculture sector.

Instructions were given to the district administration to send a list of beneficiaries. The equipment would be given to all farmers irrespective of their land holdings.

Mr. Nandakishore said that during the last financial year 71 lakh tonnes of rice was produced in Krishnagiri district.

During the current year a target of 112 lakh tonnes of food grains, including 81.50 lakh tonnes of rice, has been fixed. To achieve the target the agriculture department was providing necessary help to farmers in the district, he said.

C. Kosalaraman, Commissioner, Agriculture Department, said the System of Rice Intensification was first introduced in Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts in the state.

To reduce the rise in dal prices, steps have been taken to form a committee at the national level and at the state level under the chairmanship of Chief Secretaries.

The committee will undertake various measures to control the prices of dal, pulses and other food crops.

The SRI has helped increase the acreage to 3 lakh hectares in the state.

V.K. Shanmugam, Collector, said the weather is favourable to the cultivation of mango. Mango varieties such as Bangaloora, Alphonsa etc were being cultivated in about 40,000 hectares in the district.

About 3 lakh tonnes of mangoes are produced in the district. Of this 80 per cent was being used in the 45 pulp industries in and around the district.


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