Fishermen find venture encouraging

Happiness is palpable among them at Rameswaram

RAMANATHAPURAM: The first day’s sally of Rameswaram fishermen, who ventured into the sea for fishing after a gap of 45 days, was successful and encouraging, as most of them netted a good catch.

FORTUNE FAVOURS THEM:Fishermen offloading fish catch at Rameswaram on Tuesday.

Out of around 1500 trawlers that went into the sea on Monday from Rameswaram, Mandapam, Pamban and nearby villages, most of them returned to the shore without any notable problem or disturbance in the sea.

Happiness was palpable among the fishermen, who unloaded their catch from the trawlers for marketing. Reports from a cross section of fishermen indicated that it was good fortune for most of them. Besides prawn, which is the most sought after variety due to the high market value for export, they netted ‘kanavoi,’ crab and fishes, which fetched good rate in the local markets.

It is said that the fishermen netted 150 to 250 kg per boat. There were reports that a few fishermen of Erwadi, Valinokkam and nearby fishing villages got 250 to 300 kg per trawler.

“We have got around 150 kg of prawn. Though it cannot be termed as a good catch, we feel satisfied with it,” said A. Edision of Thangachimadam.

Fishermen claimed that except for a few groups most of them confined to the Indian waters and cast nets.

S. Arulanandam of Pamban said they could get a good catch due to fishing after a long gap (ban period) intended by the government for facilitating a good environment for breeding. The trend should continue at least for a few months so that the fishermen could repay the loans borrowed at higher rates of interest for repairing the boats. The fishermen were paid around Rs.400 per kg of prawn (first quality) by the merchants, who purchased it for export.

Acting on complaints by the Assistant Director of Fisheries that most the fishermen went to the sea without collecting mandatory tokens, Collector T.N. Hariharan said that the issue would be viewed seriously. Action would be taken against those who had sold diesel to fishermen before the end of ban on fishing.

From The Hindu

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