Milk fish found off Tuticorin coast

Tuticorin: The Threspuram fish landing centre off Tuticorin coast has witnessed a fully grown male milk fish among other marine fish catch.

new catch:A milk fish caught at Threspuram on Thursday. Photo : N.Rajesh

The fish measuring 120 cm in length from head to tail and weighing about 10 kg is an edible fish with high nutritional value. The fish was caught through hook and line by Pon, a fisherman of the region.

J. D. Jameson, former Director of Research and Extension, Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tuticorin, said here on Thursday that “though fish can tolerate extreme saline condition, it normally grows well in low saline water. The fish mainly feeds on fine algae and is found in deep seas.”

Fifteen years ago, milk fish seeds were collected along brackish water regions like Punnakayal and Pullavazhi of Tuticorin for stocking them in ponds but it has come down due to marine pollution. Hence due attention should be paid and initiate appropriate measure to combat pollution especially along the coast.

He was of the view that better aquaculture management and seed production were need of the hour. “The occurrence of male milk fish in Threspuram landing centre along the Gulf of Mannar is an evidence that the milk fish fishery can be enhanced by measures like fishing holidays and ranching of seeds which could render this kind of fish to grow well in the marine environment and attain good size for further propagation, Dr. Jameson added.


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