Erode: Dumping of waste in irrigation channels goes unchecked

Farmers blame district authorities for inaction

ERODE: The dumping of solid waste, including huge amount of plastic waste, in the irrigation channels and sewers in the district remains unchecked for long.

Foul odour:The dumping of solid waste, including huge amount of plastic waste in water carrying channels remains unchecked in many parts of Erode. — Photo: M. Govarthan

A large number of commercial establishments particularly eateries and a few irresponsible citizens dump solid waste in almost all the sewers in the town. In the recent rains, almost all the open sewers in Erode town overflowed and flooded residential areas.

Apart from sewers running in the town, solid waste is being dumped in large quantity in the irrigation channels, thus killing them slowly.

“A large number of farmers depend on these channels to irrigate their fields. They have taken this issue to the notice of senior officials on several occasions. But they are yet to witness a positive response from the officials,” people say.

Farmers had even represented this issue during their monthly grievances redressal meeting.

“But our grievance is yet to be redressed,” farmers lament.

A number of irrigation channels passing through the town have now become big sewers emanating foul odour and a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The district authorities and the Erode Corporation continue to turn a blind eye over this issue.

“Each time we approached the officials in the district administration and the Corporation, they give us assurance that they would initiate appropriate action. But no concrete action has been taken up so far to put an end to the indiscriminate dumping of solid waste into the water carrying channels and sewers,” people charge.



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