Kovai Courtallam gets a boost

Accommodations at Kovai Courtallam will be rented out to tourists

Tickets at District Forest Office in Coimbatore city itself by July

Kovai Courtallam

Coimbatore: To mark the World Environment Day observance and as part of the effort to plant 1 lakh saplings to commemorate the World Classical Tamil Conference, Secretary to Government for Forests, Debendranath Sarangi planted saplings along Tiruchi Road on Saturday.

The objective was to enhance greenery and compensate for the loss of trees suffered due to various development works. Officials said the drive was aimed at creating awareness among the public to contribute for the environment.

Mr. Sarangi also visited Kovai Courtallam where the Forest Department has come up with a eco-tourism project involving tribal community. The eco-tourism initiative has resulted in new tree top houses and rest houses for four families at Kovai Courtallam for accommodating and entertaining nature lovers. The participatory model of tourism promotion without compromise on conservation has resulted in tribal communities getting back Rs. 12 lakh revenue for their activities.

The tribals have started vending ice creams and pop corns to the tourist at Kovai Courtallam.

Of the proposed one lakh saplings to be planted to mark the World Classical Tamil Conference, 50 per cent would be in educational institutions. Twelve per cent would be by Corporation, eight per cent by other local bodies and ten per cent by the Highways Department. The saplings being planted on Tiruchi Road would be taken care of by the Chennai Silks in terms of watering the plants and providing them with a tree guard.

District Forest Officer I. Anwardeen sought public and corporate participation in terms of providing tree guards and watering the saplings for ensuring their survival.

Mr. Anwardeen said that the accommodations at Kovai Courtallam would be rented out to tourists at a tariff of little over Rs 1,750 and the tourists could avail them on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and stay would be restricted only for 24 hours.

The Department would shortly ban plastic items into the Kovai Courtallam area and tourists would be provided with paper bags and cloth bags.

To avoid tourists standing in queues during week-end, the Department has planned to issue entry tickets for Kovai Courtallam at the District Forest Office in Coimbatore city itself probably from the second week of July.


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