Erode: Learning under fear

ERODE: The 76 students studying at Sillangatupudur Panchayat Union School in Modakurichi block here look at the roof very often with fear in their eyes.

Risky: A view of the damaged building of Sillangatupudur Panchayat Union Middle School in Modakurichi block in Erode district. - PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

It might look odd for the visitors. But it is a matter of safety for them.

There were a number of incidents when chunks of concrete broke off from the roof of the old building and fell on the students.

“The building got damaged long ago and it was unfit for use. We have only two buildings in our school.

The other building with tiled roof cannot accommodate all the students. So we have to use this damaged building to conduct classes,” T. Subramani, a members of the village education committee said.

Teachers and parents had taken this issue to the notice of officials in the district on a few occasions.

“They have assured us to take steps for the construction of a new building with more space. But we are yet to see any development,” parents said.

The situation turned worse during the recent rains.

“The roof was leaking and teachers were not able to conduct classes. We are afraid of sending our wards to the school,” parents said.


The State government, without providing necessary infrastructure, had upgraded the school as a middle school during previous academic year.

“People are reluctant to admit their children here. A few of them were sending their children to the nearby schools,” Mr. Subramani said.

Teachers and parents appealed to the State Government to take immediate steps to construct new building for the school.

They also wanted the government to construct a compound wall for the school as it was located very close to the road.

Amenities such as adequate drinking water supply provisions and toilets should also be created, they said.


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