Lack of drainage system affects villagers

Stagnant sewage in Nanjai Uthukkuli village, near Modakurichi in Erode district, causes serious health problems. – PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

ERODE: Residents of Nanjai Uttukuli village are put to untold hardships because of sewage stagnating for the last several months.

Absence of a proper drainage system has led to the stagnation of sewage on the roadside. “As the panchayat administration has failed to initiate any step, the situation turned worse. A few commercial establishments and residents started dumping garbage including huge amount of plastic waste into the sewage pool. Now the air is filled with foul smell and the mosquito menace has increased to alarming proportions. We are spending sleepless nights,” villagers complained.

The stagnant sewage poses serious threat to the health of the residents. “Over 100 families were living in the nearby residential colonies. Children are the worst affected as they fall ill very often,” people said.

Villagers had made repeated representations to the officials in the Modakurichi block and the district administration. “Our pleas fell on deaf ears. No efforts have been made to improve the sanitary condition in the village,” people alleged.


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