Dindigul: Drinking water project to be over by September

DINDIGUL: Combined Cauvery drinking water projects (phase II) meant for Reddiyarchatram and Vedasandur will be completed by September end, said I. Periasamy, Minister for Revenue.

He was inaugurated the panchayat union office and distributed free gas stoves and gas connections to beneficiaries at a function held at Reddiyarchatram here on Tuesday evening.

Seventy per cent of the water project work meant for Reddiyarchatram union and 75 per cent of work meant for Vedasandur was over. Pipeline was laid to a distance of 36 kilometres.

The TWAD Board was advised to expedite the work to complete it by September end. On completion of the project, drinking water crisis of these areas will be solved, he added.

Main objective of opening more and more fair price or ration shops at villages was to scale down the distance between the shops and the houses. People need not have to travel for a long distance to buy PDS goods. Moreover, distribution of PDS goods would be done quickly and people need not wait in long queues to get their goods.

To take the government schemes quickly to people, the government had created 22 taluks in the State so far.

Later, the Revenue Minister inaugurated fair price shops at Sullerumbu Kadiraiyan kulam and Thekkampatti in Reddiyarchatram union built at a cost of Rs.2.6 lakh and panchayat union office constructed at a cost of Rs.6 lakh. Free gas stoves were given to 208 families and old age pension to 529 beneficiaries.

The TWAD Board had already implemented Rs.100 crore Cauvery drinking water project for Dindigul and neighbouring town panchayats including Natham. Second phase of the project was under progress to supply protected drinking water to residents in Vedasandur and Reddiyarchatram.


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