Meet for paper on environment

SIVAGANGA: The south zone Vice-Chancellors conference on “Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Global Impact – Role of Higher Education Institutions” held at Alagappa University with the Association of Indian Universities has recommended that a paper on environment should be taught in Under Graduate programmes in order to create more awareness among the people.

One unit could be on energy and climate change and three units could be on environment and one could be on disaster management, the resolution added. Energy consumption and wastage should be reduced. The students should be sensitized so as to disseminate to the people the need to reduce energy consumption and avoid wastage of energy.

The Vice-Chancellors said that energy consumption was essential to maximize the production so as to enable India become a super power by 2020. Research should be undertaken to find ways to reduce the cost of producing power from solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells so that it becomes cost effective. Scientific research could also be undertaken to find out new bio-diesel resources and solar cells research could also be pursued. Research on production of hydrogen from water and aqueous solutions in presence of catalyst and solar radiation should be undertaken.

They urged the higher education institutions and others should carry out extensive research on Solar Energy Induced Photo-catalytic Reactions. The conference also urged the government and other agencies to reduce the cost of production so as to encourage the people to take to producing electricity through non-conventional energy sources.

The conference felt that climate change was caused by emission of green gas while producing energy. Higher consumption of energy was directly related to higher emission of these green gases. However, higher consumption was also an indicator for growth of economy and of well-being of a society. Thus, energy should be provided controlling the emission of the green gases, preferably by alternate sources of energy.


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