Dindigul: Project on linking of irrigation tanks extended

DINDIGUL: With the successful implementation of a pilot project at Gujiliamparai union, the district administration has extended the project on linking of irrigation tanks and renovation of supply channels to all panchayat unions in the district except Kodaikanal.

Launching the project at Sukkampatti panchayat near here on Tuesday, Collector M. Vallalar said that 109-km supply channel would be rehabilitated and linked with 50 tanks.

A total of 62-km channel was partially silted and 14-km channel massively damaged, he said.

This project will be implemented at an estimated cost of Rs.3.55 crore under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme. It will generate 3.55 lakh man days providing jobs to lakhs of rural farm workers who have registered their names under MGNREGS.

Fourteen silt ravaged ponds in Gujiliamparai, two in Dindigul, six in Athoor, four in Reddiyarchatram, two in Sanarpatti, seven in Natham, one each in Nilakottai, Batlagundu and Vedasandur, three each in Oddanchatram and Thoppampatti and six in Vadamadurai unions will be renovated.

In Dindigul union alone, 28.27-km supply channel will be desilted and rehabilitated.

On completion of this project, rural people, particularly farmers, will reap maximum benefits. A total of 215 million cubic feet of water will be stored in these renovated tanks and 1,200 open wells and 3,750 bore wells will be recharged.

The water table at nearby villages will go up sharply. Besides, 22,725 hectares of land will be brought back to cultivation. Water stored in these tanks would feed 71,000 cattle and act as sustainable drinking water source to more than 30 habitations, he added.

The district administration has plans to plant 2.5 lakh saplings in the district in September to make the district green. Saplings will also be planted along the banks of these channels. Instructions were given to dig several pits along supply channels for planting saplings.

From The Hindu

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