Dindigul records lowest rainfall in 50 years

Farmers told to use available water judiciously and raise dry crops like grains, oil seeds, pulses and millets

With sporadic rain, water table goes down sharply, Several irrigation wells has meagre quantum of water

DINDIGUL: Despite the early onset of south west monsoon, the district recorded the lowest rain in the last fifty years. With sporadic or no rain in several parts of the district, water table had gone down sharply and several irrigation wells had meagre quantum of water.

These were highlighted at the agriculturists’ grievance day meeting presided over by Collector M. Vallalar here on Thursday.

Farmers were advised to use the available water judiciously and raise dry crops like grains, oil seeds, pulses and millets.

The public works engineers informed farmers that 2,230 rain fed tanks had very less quantum of water.

Seventy per cent of 97,534 irrigation wells had water that could be pumped for one to two hours for irrigation and rest of the wells had water that could pumped for two to three hours only.

However, condition of horticulture crops in many pockets was good. Actual rain fall recorded up to June this year was just 122.08 mm when compared to the scheduled average rainfall that was 232.1 mm.

However, rain in the month of June was promising for farmers. June had recorded 60.1 mm rain against scheduled normal rain fall of 32.3 mm.

Rainfall in January was 0.9 mm compared to a 50-year average of 33.9 mm. It was nil in February and March. In April, rainfall was just 12.81 mm compared to the 50-year average of 61 mm. May month had recorded slightly more than the five decade average. It got 85.18 mm rain (five decade average 78.4 mm).

Briefing about renovation of tanks in town panchayats, the Collector said that MGNREG scheme could not be implemented for desilting of tanks and rehabilitation supply channels in town panchayats and municipalities.

District administration had sent separate proposals to the government for special funds to take up rehabilitation of tanks and supply channels within town panchayat and municipalities.

In the meanwhile, discussion was on with the town panchayat officials and elected representatives in utilising a portion of panchayat’s general fund for this purpose, he stated. “We had already started linking of canals and tanks in rural areas.”

When a farmer complained about massive encroachment of tank in Natham, he ordered the Natham block development officer to remove the encroachment on or before Monday.

Many farmers complained about encroachments of water bodies and accumulation of silt in irrigation tanks and channels.


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