Salem: Sewage and slush make life miserable for residents

Sivadapuram Indira Nagar in Salem lacks drainage facilities

SALEM: The standard of living for the residents of Sivadapuram Indira Nagar in Ward 22 here is abominable.

In bad shape:The Sivadapuram Indira Nagar Road in Salem needs immediate attention. Photo: P. Goutham

Slush and sewage waters have rendered the Indira Nagar Road a cesspool, forcing the residents, all poor labourers, to undergo untold sufferings. The road connects important places such as Bodinaickenpatti and Andipatti, which hundreds of vehicles and people use daily.

The colony also lacks drainage facility. This has led to sewers on the road and streets.

Mosquitoes and flies are not uncommon visitors here.

Health hazard

They swarm the entire area causing serious health hazard to all. “Since we are all poor people, the authorities concerned are not showing any interest to provide us the basic amenities,” says a 60-year-old woman.

The worst sufferers are school-going children.

Salem Corporation’s Higher and Elementary schools are functioning in the locality.

“But to reach them is a nightmare,” says a teacher who commutes from the heart of the city.

Many of them abstain from classes during rainy season.

“How do you expect us to go there in knee-deep slush and dirt?” she asks.

The residents insist that the civic body must come to their rescue as early as possible.


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