Residents face acute drinking water shortage

ERODE: The residents of a number of colonies in Periya Semur municipality here are facing acute drinking water shortage.

An ordeal:Many colonies in Periya Semur Municipality, Erode district, are experiencing severe water scarcity. — PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

The frequency of water supply stretched from a minimum of two days to 10 days in many residential areas. “Sometimes, we get water once in 15 days. Many of us are forced to fetch water from distant places and also buy water from private suppliers,” residents complain.

It is very common to see women from the poor families fetching water from distant locations. “We cannot afford to buy water from the private suppliers. So, we use the push carts to carry the water pots,” women point out.

The municipality had earlier provided water supply once in two days. The piped water supply would be maintained for at least two to three hours or even for four hours on weekends and on holidays. However, for the past few months, the duration gradually reduced and the supply restricted to an hour or 30 minutes depending on the quantum of water stored in overhead tanks.

The problems in the drinking water supply network of the municipality and rampant illegal tapping of water were said to be the major reasons for the shortage. The leaks and pipeline damages at many parts were yet to be attended.

Similarly, the officials were yet to initiate concrete action against the persons and commercial establishments, which were illegally tapping water from the local body’s pipelines.

“The commercial establishment, particularly eateries, were using motor pumpsets to tap from the pipelines. This had severely affected the water supply in the tail-end areas,” people pointed out.

Residents urged the municipal administration to initiate immediate steps to sort out the problems in the water distribution network and ensure adequate supply of water.

Officials of the local body, however, maintained that they were providing sufficient supply of drinking water to the people.


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