Water plant at Thanjavur GH

It will supply 5,000 litres per hour

THANJAVUR: Patients undergoing treatment at the Thanjavur Medical College Hospital and the large number of visitors will henceforth get hundred per cent pure drinking water. A purified drinking water project which functions on reverse osmosis was dedicated to the hospital on Wednesday.

The project has been implemented by the Rotary Club of Thanjavur Kings with a matching grant from Rotary International. The efforts of the Rotary Club for the past five years, has borne fruit now.

G. Ambujam, Medical superintendent of the hospital and N. Govindaraj, district governor of Rotary International district 2980, dedicated the project.

The project purifies bore water from the overhead tank of the hospital using three filters and reverse osmosis membranes. After separating waste water, it supplies pure drinking water of 5,000 litres per hour to the hospital which requires nearly 20,000 to 25,000 litres of water every day. Sixteen outlets will supply water to the wards in the hospital.

According to C. Gunasekaran, Rotary assistant governor, in this matching grant project, Rotary club of Thanjavur Kings, the host club, donated Rs. 1.12 lakh (2,500 US dollars). Co-sponsor club, the Rotary club of Victoria gave an equal grant of 2500 US dollars.

Rotary International has given a grant of 5,000 dollars. In total 10,000 dollars- Rs. 4.5 lakh was spent on the project.

M.S.Asif Ali, assistant Rotary governor, said that it was a dream project taken up by the Rotary club of Thanjavur Kings. He appealed to the hospital authorities to maintain the plant properly. The hospital caters to the needs of patients from nearly eight districts.

AM. Sokkalingam, President of Rotary club of Thanjavur Kings, D. Kannan, Project chairman, participated in the function.


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