Biogas plant programme yet to take off in Krishnagiri

People not very enthusiastic about the scheme because of delay in disbursal of subsidy

Subsidy enhanced from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 8,000 per unit

Only 45 plants came up during last financial year

Slow progress:A beneficiary pouring cow dung mix at a biogas plant in Keelkuppam Panchayat under the Uthangarai Panchayat Union in Krishnagiri district. — Photo: N. Bashkaran.

KRISHNAGIRI: Family type biogas plant programme introduced by the State Government is yet to take off in Krishnagiri district.

The scheme was introduced in the State with a subsidy of Rs. 3,500 per unit of the household biogas plant.

The subsidy has now been enhanced to Rs. 8,000 from November 1, 2009.

Ever since the district was bifurcated from Dharmapuri in 2004, the target fixed for the district with ten panchayat unions was only 62 per fiscal.

Only 45 plants were commissioned in the district during the last financial year.

Of this, the major chunk of the scheme (42 biogas plants) was availed of by the people in Uthangarai block for the last two financial years.

In this block alone, 13 households in Keelkuppam Panchayat, 11 in Kondekuppam, eight in Pavakkal, two in Chandrapatti, five in Mungileri and two in Eggur Panchayat were commissioned over the past two years.

Local residents told The Hindu on Tuesday that a good number of households were eager to put up biogas plants because of the initiative taken by the then officer in charge of the scheme V. Arulmozhi.

She was transferred to the Shoolagiri block till recently, but her services to the rural masses remains, said S. Kalaivani, president of the Keelkuppam Panchayat.

When contacted, the officials at the Office of the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) said that the target fixed for the scheme was only 62, but the physical target fixed for the Block Development Officers was about 10 in each block.

During the last financial year, the plants were set up in 13 households in Keelkuppam, 11 in Kondekuppam and seven in other panchayats.

The remaining 14 biogas plants were scattered over the other four panchayat unions, the official said.

People are not showing much interest in this scheme, because of the delay in disbursal of subsidy amount.

The district administration received Rs. 1.18 lakh from the Central Government one month ago and is awaiting the Collector’s approval for disbursal to the beneficiaries for the financial year 2009-10.

A beneficiary’s wife G. Rani from Keelkuppam said the plant was very much economical for them to prepare food items. Manure made from cattle dung was poured into a small tank and mixed.

The waste which comes out of the tank is stored in a septic tank and used as cheap fuel and manure for the crops.

The objective of the programme was to provide fuel for cooking purposes and organic manure to rural households through family type biogas plants.

It was also intended to mitigate drudgery of rural women, reduce pressure on forests, accentuate social benefits and at the same time help improve the sanitary condition of the villages by linking toilets with biogas plants.

R. Arivanantham – From THE HINDU

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