‘City Clean Campaign’ in July

To remove plastic waste within Nellai Corporation limits

TIRUNELVELI: Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation, which has identified 124 places under its jurisdiction where ‘waste plastic mounds’ have been created by its residents, has decided to involve its entire workforce along with volunteers drawn from schools and colleges in its ‘City Clean Campaign’ to remove this highly hazardous materials to be destroyed safely.

Laid waste:Plastic waste dumped in the irrigation channel taking water to Nainarkulam near Lala Chatra corner in Tirunelveli town. Photo: A_Shaikmohideen

After the district administration and the Department of Environment decided to impose a ban on the production, sale and use of non-recyclable non-degradable plastic materials, particularly, plastic bags, serious steps were initiated to clean up the already piled up plastic wastes by involving India Cements Limited (ICL) in this noble exercise.

As per the memorandum of understanding signed with ICL, the urban local bodies of Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Nagercoil should collect the plastic wastes being generated in their respective areas and send it in the lorries to the premises of cement manufacturing unit, where the hazardous non-degradable materials would be finely shredded to be used as supplement fuel along with the regular fuel, coal.


Subsequently, the ICL management spent over Rs. 1 crore for making some modifications in the machineries and installed equipment to make this process effective.

Even as this exercise is going on, the corporation has planned to put an end to the creation of plastic heaps under its jurisdiction while cleaning the existing stacks of plastics.

As per this new initiative, the plastic waste dumped at 124 places in various places under the Corporation will be removed during the ‘City Clean Campaign’ to be jointly organised by its 700-odd conservancy workers and over 1,800 students and volunteers drawn from various schools, colleges and also from the residents’ welfare associations.

“This camp will be conducted in the first week of July on a particular day simultaneously across the corporation to clean the plastic hillocks. After the conduct of this campaign, we’ll initiate very stern action against those who produce, sell and use the non-degradable plastic products as production, sale and use of these hazardous materials within corporation limits have been banned. Residents should hand over plastic waste only to the conservancy workers hereafter,” said Commissioner N. Subbaian.


Clean Ooty campaign begins

Udhagamandalam: “This place is ours, let us keep it clean.” To drive home this message among various sections of the society in this hill station, residents of the Melkawhatty village set in motion a cleaning campaign near the Government Headquarters Hospital here on Wednesday.

It involved the removal of wild growth and litter which have over the years become ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

The effort was also carried out in order to create areas suitable for forming gardens and greening the environment.

Pointing out that the volunteers belonged to an outfit called ‘Mannuga Matha’ in Badaga meaning ‘Decorating the Earth’, which came into being about four months ago, its president N.Nataraj, a retired teacher told The Hindu that their mission is to enhance awareness about the environment.

D.Radhakrishnan – From THE HINDU

Clean Ganga by 2020, says Prime Minister

New Delhi: Asserting that the UPA government was committed to cleaning up the Ganga, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said no untreated waste and industrial effluents would flow into the river by 2020.

“Under ‘Mission Clean Ganga’, it would be ensured that by 2020 no untreated municipal sewage and industrial effluents flow into the Ganga,” Dr. Singh said, in the Report to the People on completion of one year of the UPA’s second term in office.

He said the investment required for the Mission would be shared “suitably” between the Centre and the State governments.

The Prime Minister said an empowered steering committee has been constituted for appraisal and sanction of projects on a fast track basis.

Projects for approximately Rs. 1,390 crore have been approved so far. The Centre had recently set up a Ganga River Basin Authority to monitor the implementation of the clean-up project and other development schemes.

Dr. Singh said discussions had been initiated for long-term support of the World Bank and a project preparation facility from the international body has been approved. — PTI


Keep Karur clean and green: Collector

KARUR: Take efforts to keep the town clean and green. Enthusiastic public participation is a must in keeping the surroundings tidy, Collector J. Uma Maheswari said here recently.

Speaking after launching the efforts to keep the bus stand premises clean and tidy, the Collector who wielded the broom on the occasion to drive home the point that charity begins at home, said that hygienic environment lessened risk of communicable and contagious diseases besides ensuring that the areas remained pleasing to the senses. In venturing to keep the public areas clean, she said that for the first time in the district women self-help groups had been roped in to keep the Muthukumarasamy Bus Stand clean. The Credit Thrift Society SHG has come forward to keep the bus stand area clean and for their efforts the 11 members of the SHG would be sanctioned a sum of Rs. 101 per working day, she added. The members’ kin would involve themselves in the task and the work time would be dawn to dusk.

District Revenue Officer C. Munirathinam, Karur Municipal Chairperson P. Sivakamasundari, and Commissioner Umapathy were present.


Erode: Massive cleaning drive in city

Following frequent complaints from Councillors

ERODE: Under fire from Councillors for “unsatisfactory” job, the Erode Corporation’s health department has managed to pull up its socks and do something to keep the city clean.

Following directions from Mayor K. Kumar Murugesh and Commissioner B. Balachandran, the department launched mass cleaning operation.

In full swing: Erode Corporation recently carried out a cleaning exercise in the main thoroughfares of the city and plans to continue it in all the 45 wards.– PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

In the first phase the health wing has focussed on cleaning sewerage, most of which were chocked following dumping of garbage. Corporation Health Officer S. Somasundaram said the department had marshalled all conservancy workers to clean drains, especially those on main thoroughfares and market areas.

As part of the operation, conservancy workers cleaned drains in three major locations. The first area was Periyar Nagar and it included Raja Kadu, Govindaraj Nagar, Housing Board and neighbouring areas. The second area was Madhav Krishna Street, Ayyanarappan Koil Street, and the third area was Nethaji daily market, Jinnah Street, Kongalamman Koil Street and Valayakara Veethi.

Dr. Somasundaram said the Corporation pressed into service more than 100 workers, who removed solid waste, silt and other items to ensure free flow of drains.

“Some drains had not been cleaned for nearly a decade in the aforementioned areas and all those drains were cleaned in the operation,” he said and pointed out that 17.8 tonnes garbage was removed.

He said people’s habit of dumping solid waste, plastic bags and anything and everything had led to the clogging of drains and asked residents to avoid dumping solid waste in the drains.

The civic body launched the second cleaning operation on Friday last in those parts of Periyar Nagar that were not covered in the first cleaning drive, portions of Kongalamman Koil Street, Kamaraj Street and nearby areas.

This time the garbage collected weighed 19 tonnes, the health officer said and added that around 150 workers were employed for the purpose.

He added that the health department would continue the cleaning operation in almost all areas and in the next phase machines would be used to remove the silt.

Commissioner Mr. Balachandran said the civic body decided to take up the mass cleaning drive following complaints from Councillors, who complained of clogged drains and poor disposal of garbage in the last Council meeting.

He added that the cleaning drive would be carried out in consultation with Councillors, who would be asked to come up with areas to be cleaned. The areas suggested would be inspected and then the operation would begin.

He too appealed to the people to avoid dumping garbage in drains and use bins the civic body had put up.


Hi-tech sewage plant to keep Ganga clean

Haridwar, Jan 31 (PTI) A modern sewage plant to keep the Ganga clean and capable of treating 27 million litres of polluted water will soon start functioning, a project which began as part of the preparations for the Kumbh Mela 2010.

The Rs 21-crore fully automatic plant will use the most advanced cyclic effluent treatment in the world to ensure that Ganga, whose water a recent study had said, was below the standards of the Central Pollution Control Board for bathing, flows clean.

“We are fully ready to treat the sewage. As and when the sewage is transferred here through the pipeline which is being laid by the government, we will start treating it,” Harish Karkera, General Manager (Projects) UPL Environmental Engineers, the firm carrying out the project along with GCEPL told PTI.

The plant, which is about 20 kms outside the main Haridwar city, is next to the 18 million litre sewage treatment plant that is already functioning.

A recent survey by Dehradun-based People’s Science Institute said that the Ganga has been polluted due to continuous discharge of untreated waste and effluents from various drains directly into the river.

“The construction of the project has already been completed and commissioning of the project with raw water is presently in progress. Whatever other work is left, is only related to visual appeal,” Karkera said.

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Chennai beaches get cleaned in time for Ridley nesting season

CHENNAI: Ahead of the peak Olive Ridley turtle nesting season, students and volunteers came together on Sunday to clean up the beach from near the broken bridge behind the Theosophical Society to Neelankarai.

The clean-up drive was carried out by the Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN)to provide a safe nesting ground for the endangered turtles. February is the peak nesting season for Olive Ridley turtles which have been coming to the Chennai coast. Launching the drive, Nityanand Jayaraman, an volunteer of Reclaim Our Beaches (ROB) said over 50 youngsters will clean up the beachfront. Volunteers have been cleaning up and patrolling the 7-km stretch from from the Adyar river mouth to Neelankarai for three decades now.

“Students walk the stretch from December to April to locate nests and collect eggs, which are then safely relocated to the hatchery set up near the Adyar river mouth,” said SSTCN coordinator Akhila.

“Thirty years ago, over 100 nests could be found in a one kilometre area. Now, there are about 10 nests,” she said. Conservationists, however, are happy to an extent as the turtle population has remained stable over the past few years. This year began on a sad note with at least a dozen dead turtles were washed ashore affected by the oil slick along the ECR.

So far this year, the volunteers have found two nesting sites and have safely relocated 181 eggs to the hatchery.

“We measure the depth at which the nests are built and create the same depth in the hatchery for the hatchlings to emerge 45 days later,” said I Karmegam, a fisherman turned volunteer. “The female turtles come back to the same spot for nesting when they reach adulthood,” he said.

After hatching, the light-sensitive hatchlings strike out to the sea following the moonlight’s reflection on the ocean surface. However, the mastlights along the ECR disorient hatchlings and many end up dying trapped in the garbage and plant-growth. To prevent this, the Chennai Corporation has been asked to switch off the mast lights during the nesting season.

Fishermen have also been asked to avoid using fishing gear and techniques which would harm the turtles. A massive drive will be conducted to clean the Elliot’s beach on January 30. The message to the people: Keep the beach litter-free.

From TOI