Garbage piles up in Erode

ERODE: At a time when the Centre and State governments insisting the local administrations to enhance the sanitary conditions, a municipality here has virtually stopped the garbage collection, leaving people to live under miserable conditions.

Heaps of rotten garbage are found in almost all the residential colonies coming under the Soorampatty Municipality here.

A large amount of garbage that has been dumped near the office of the municipality has been remaining in the same place for weeks together.

The municipal workers, instead of collecting the garbage, are setting the waste afire, causing huge damage to the environment, it was pointed out.

“Thick cloud of smoke engulfs the area making life miserable for us,” a shopkeeper said.


Garbage dumped on roadsides being burnt

ERODE: The burning of garbage is no longer confined to the dump yards.

Heaps of rotting garbage found on the roadsides are also being set afire these days, thanks to the Erode Corporation and the four municipalities, which had grossly failed to implement a proper solid waste management system and ensure regular waste collection.

Common sight:Burning of garbage at many places in Erode poses serious threat to health. PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

Garbage collection and disposal remains tardy in almost all the parts coming under Erode Corporation and Soorampatti, Veerappanchatram, Kasipalayam and Periyasemur municipalities.

As waste remains uncollected for weeks together, the Corporation and municipal workers have resorted to burning garbage dumped on the roadsides. In a few places, people were forced to burn the garbage as the civic workers were not turning up regularly for cleaning. “The rotting garbage poses serious threat to human health. We have complained to the civic officials on several occasions. But they did not respond to our pleas. So, people here are forced to set the waste afire,” a senior citizen in Soorampatti said.

On Saturday, a few persons set a heap of plastic waste and used tyres dumped near Veerappampalayam Pirivu. “Thick cloud of smoke engulfed the area making life miserable for us,” a shopkeeper said.

“A foul smell is emanating due to the burning of garbage. The smoke causes breathing problems particularly for the aged and children, besides those suffering from respiratory diseases,” said residents of nearby colonies.

The Erode town generates over 120 tonnes of garbage including large amount of plastic and polythene waste every day.

As the existing dump yard at Vendipalayam is overflowing, the Corporation finds it difficult to ensure regular cleaning in the streets. Similarly the dump yards of four municipalities are also overflowing.

People urged the Erode Corporation and the four municipalities to initiate immediate steps to implement the solid waste management system and ensure door-to-door collection of garbage.


Salem: Who cares of dumping Garbage!

Needs action:Despite Salem Corporation's instruction not to dump garbage, many shop keepers and hoteliers on Advaitha Ashram Road dump garbage. — Photo: P. Goutham

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Privatisation of garbage disposal flayed

KANCHEEPURAM: Partial privatisation of solid waste management and delay in making use of alternative site identified to dump non-biodegradable waste collected from Nandivaram-Guduvancheri area has come in for criticism from civic activists.

Health hazard: Garbage lying uncleared near a lake at Nandivaram Guduvancherry.

A few years ago, a non-governmental organisation was engaged by the Nandivaram-Guduvancheri Town Panchayat to collect degradable and non-biodegradable waste from households. It was allowed to collect Rs.20 per house for the service.

Enquiries reveal that the role of the NGO was restricted to collection of domestic waste from households and dump it in four transfer points, from where the garbage was cleared by the civic body.

The garbage transferred to bigger vehicles at the transfer points were supposed to be transported to an abandoned granite quarry site near Keerapakkam area, about 7 to 10 km from the town panchayat.

However, civic activists alleged that the local body staff used to dump garbage near waterbodies, particularly in Nandivaram area such as Nandheeswarar Temple tank, a small lake near the railway track, instead of dumping the garbage at craters at the quarry . They alleged that the civic body had failed to fulfil its promise to clean the area around “Eesa Lake,” located near the burial ground.

The town panchayat gave this assurance to the State Human Rights Commission in 2008 after the Commission took suo motu cognizance of a news report in September 2007 that total area of the tank was expected to shrink owing to continuous dumping of garbage.

Responding to the Commission’s query, the Directorate of Town Panchayat, in its reply, said that Nandivaram-Guduvancheri Town Panchayat had removed garbage dumped in the tank and nearby burial ground.

The area near the burial ground was levelled using gravel and bushes were removed to facilitate construction of compound wall.

The reply said that the civic body was planning to construct a cremation shed, a room for performing last rites and a cement approach road in the area levelled near burial ground. However, the activists said that no work, except for construction of cremation shed, had been taken up while large quantity of garbage dumped near the burial ground had got mixed with the lake water in the recent rain, making it unusable for irrigation.

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Erode: Smoke engulfs residential colonies near dump yard

Local administration yet to implement waste management plan

ERODE: A thick screen of foul-smelling smoke enveloped a number of residential colonies located near the dump yard of Kasipalayam municipality in Sasthiri Nagar here due to burning garbage.

Needs attention:Burning of garbage at Kasipalayam Municipal limits in Erode poses serious health hazard. — PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

People said that the burning of garbage in the dumping yard turned worse during the past few days.

The smog had engulfed the colonies including Sasthiri Nagar, Lakshmi Nagar and Sadayampalayam over the last few days, causing eye and throat irritation.

“The air is filled with smoke, which causes breathing problems particularly for the aged and children, besides those suffering from respiratory diseases,” said residents of nearby colonies.

People charged that the municipal workers were setting heaps of garbage afire to make space for more garbage in the yard, which was surrounded by a number of thickly-populated residential colonies.

The local administration was yet to implement a proper solid waste management programme and streamline garbage collection and disposal process.

“We have been making repeated requests to the municipal officials and the district administration to take immediate steps to dispose of the solid waste using modern technology.

But no concrete efforts have been made till date,” people complained.

“The situation was horrible a few days ago when we could not even open the windows. This has made the summer worse for us,” a senior citizen added.

The fly menace had also increased to alarming proportions, making life miserable for the residents.

Municipal sources said the fires in the dumping ground could be because of summer flare-ups.