Chennai: Poondi reservoir starts receiving Krishna water

CHENNAI: The Poondi reservoir has started receiving Krishna water, discharged from the Kandaleru reservoir, from Monday evening, officials of the Water Resources Department here said.

According to them, about 200 cubic feet per second (cusecs) was realised at the Poondi reservoir by 6 a.m. on Tuesday. (One cusec of water is equal to 28.3 litres). As the discharge from the Kandaleru reservoir has been stepped up to 1,900 cusecs, the Poondi reservoir is expected to receive about 800 cusecs by Thursday.

“We have asked for the release of water to continue till April for augmenting the city supply,” said an official. This is the second time that Chennai is being supplied with Krishna water in 2009-10. The city had realised 4.1 thousand million cubic feet (tmcft) from the Kandaleru reservoir between September and December 2009.

Since 2006, Chennai has been getting around six tmcft of water every year. Uthukottai, the inter-State border of the Kandaleru Poondi canal got 6.9 tmcft of water in 2008-09, which was the highest quantum received since the commissioning of the Krishna Water Supply project a decade ago.

“If we get two or three tmcft during this spell, it will be sufficient to cater to the city’s water needs till the onset of the northeast monsoon,” an official said.

The cumulative storage of the four reservoirs that cater for Chennai — Poondi, Cholavaram, Red Hills and Chembarambakkam — stood at 6.7 tmcft against its capacity of 11 tmcft on Tuesday.


Tirunelveli: Good inflow into dam following rain

TIRUNELVELI: All seven shutters of Manimuthar dam was opened on Sunday following intermittent drizzle in its catchment areas in the Western Ghats and consequent good inflow of water into the largest reservoir of the district.

BOON FOR FARMERS: Surplus water flowing from Manimuthar dam in Tirunelveli district on Sunday.—Photo: A. Shaikmohideen

Thanks to the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, there were intermittent drizzles in the plains of the district as well as the Western Ghats on Saturday night.

As water level at the dam, which stood at 115.33 feet on Saturday, rose to 117.80 feet on Sunday against the maximum capacity of 118 feet following the inflow of 22,000 cusecs around 6.30 a.m., 12,572 cusecs were discharged through the surplus gates.

However, the discharge was lowered to 5,500 cusecs after 11 a.m. as the inflow also reduced considerably.


Mettur Water Level: Tuesday, Jan 05, 2010

TIRUCHI: The level in the Mettur dam stood at 90.19 feet on Monday. The inflow was 2,231 cusecs and the discharge, 12,000 cusecs.


Mettur Level: Monday, Jan 04, 2010

The water level in the Mettur Dam stood at 90.97 feet on Sunday against its full level of 120 feet.

The inflow was 2,925 cusecs and the discharge, 12,000 cusecs.


Mettur Dam Water Level: Sunday, Jan 03, 2010

The level in the Mettur dam on Saturday stood at 91.62 feet against its full level of 120 feet. The inflow was 3,760 cusecs, and the discharge 8,003 cusecs.