Tirunelveli: Good inflow into dam following rain

TIRUNELVELI: All seven shutters of Manimuthar dam was opened on Sunday following intermittent drizzle in its catchment areas in the Western Ghats and consequent good inflow of water into the largest reservoir of the district.

BOON FOR FARMERS: Surplus water flowing from Manimuthar dam in Tirunelveli district on Sunday.—Photo: A. Shaikmohideen

Thanks to the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, there were intermittent drizzles in the plains of the district as well as the Western Ghats on Saturday night.

As water level at the dam, which stood at 115.33 feet on Saturday, rose to 117.80 feet on Sunday against the maximum capacity of 118 feet following the inflow of 22,000 cusecs around 6.30 a.m., 12,572 cusecs were discharged through the surplus gates.

However, the discharge was lowered to 5,500 cusecs after 11 a.m. as the inflow also reduced considerably.


Tirunelveli: Tamirabharani experiences flood

TIRUNELVELI: The perennial Tamirabharani has experiencing flood since Tuesday night following significant rainfall in the catchment areas in the Western Ghats and consequent rise in inflow into all major irrigation dams.

As incessant rainfall continued in the catchment areas, inflow into the Papanasam Dam and Servalar Dam, rose to 4,359.83 cusecs.

As both the dams were already brimming, the fresh inflow was discharged in the Tamirabharani.

The river swelled further when rainwater from the forest and residential areas entered into the lifeline of the southern districts. Since the Manimuthar dam experienced a good rainfall of 160.40 mm, inflow into this dam increased to 4,935 cusecs. All waterfalls at Courtallam are flowing dangerously since Tuesday night following rains in the Western Ghats and tourists, mostly Ayyappa devotees heading for Sabarimala, were prevented from taking bath at Main Falls, Old Falls and Five Falls.


Papanasam, Manimuthar dams to surplus in few days

Moderate rain in Tuticorin; seven houses damaged in Tiruchendur

TIRUNELVELI: After a brief lull, the district experienced intermittent drizzle on Wednesday even as major reservoirs such as Papanasam and Manimuthar dams are likely to surplus within the next few days, provided the spell continues in the catchment areas.

As water level in the Servalar dam reached 148.29 feet against its maximum capacity of 156 feet, the inflow is being diverted to Papanasam dam.

While water level at Papanasam dam, having a maximum storage level of 143 feet, reached 135 feet on Wednesday morning, Manimuthar dam had 104 feet of water against its maximum capacity of 118 feet.

It’s back: People protecting themselves with umbrellas following a sudden downpour in Tuticorin on Wednesday. — Photo: N. Rajesh

Since the flow into Papanasam dam was 2,900 cusecs on Wednesday and intermittent drizzle continued in the afternoon, the dam is likely to surplus within the next 48 hours.

However, the flow into the Manimuthar dam dwindled to 1,150 cusecs even as the level in the largest dam of the district stood at 104 feet and the dam is likely to reach its full capacity of 118 feet after a week or so.

Meanwhile, Collector M. Jayaraman, who has been convening a series of meetings of the officials during the past one week to assess the situation, has put the official machinery on high alert. Since he himself surprisingly visits the vulnerable points during the past 15 days to check whether his subordinates were prepared to meet any eventuality, the officials are monitoring the situation, particularly along the watercourse of Tamirabharani round-the-clock.


Moderate rainfall accompanied by thunder and lighting lashed various parts of the district since the morning of Wednesday. Normal life was thrown out of gear following the continuous downpour.

From 7.30 a.m. to 9 a.m. there was a heavy spell followed by intermittent drizzles. Low lying areas were inundated and many roads became muddy. Seven houses were damaged in Tiruchendur.

Rainfall recorded (in mm) in various places in the district: Kadambur – 9, Kovilpatti – 7.8; Tuticorin – 1.4 and Sathankulam – 7.


Tirunelveli: Water level in Papanasam Dam crosses 100 feet mark

More than 25 houses damaged in Sivagiri and Sankarankovil in heavy rain

TIRUNELVELI: Even as Sivagiri in the district received 237 mm rainfall on Saturday, water level in Papanasam Dam, one of the three major reservoirs here, crossed the 100 feet mark on Saturday evening, bringing cheers among the farmers.

Sivagiri and Sankarankovil, which hitherto failed to register significant rainfall after the northwest monsoon set in a week ago, experienced heavy rainfall on Saturday. However, the downpour damaged more than 25 houses in these two taluks in the past 24 hours that ended with 8 a.m.

Water level in Papanasam Damcrossed 102.70 feet on Sunday evening while theServalar Dam had 128 feet water. Manimuthar Dam water level stood at 91 feet on Sunday evening.

IN SPATE: A view of the swollen Tamirabharani river at Authoor in Tuticorin district on Sunday. — Photo: N. Rajesh

When the residents of Kalakkad blocked traffic on Sunday demanding immediate compensation to the damaged houses, the police and revenue officials came to the spot and pacified the protestors with the assurance that relief measures would be taken immediately.

Waterfalls at Courtallam are still flowing dangerously and tourists were prevented from taking bath. Water level in the dams (in feet) are: Papanasam – 102.70, Manimuthar – 91, Servalar – 128, Gadana – 83, Ramanadhi – 82, Karuppanadhi – 70.21, Gundar – 36, Adavinainar – 96.50, Vadakku Pachchaiyaar – 29, Nambiyar – 10.95 and Kodumudiyar – 42.

Rainfall in the district (in mm): Sivagiri – 237, Sankarankovil – 98, Papanasam – 60, Manimuthar – 56, Shencottai – 51, Aayikudi – 26.60, Tenkasi – 23, Nanguneri – 20, Palayamkottai – 18.20, Alangulam – 16, Tirunelveli and Radhapuram – 14 and Ambasamudram – 11.


Heavy rain lashed several parts of the district for the fourth consecutive day here on Sunday.

Five houses in Tiruchendur, three in Srivaikuntam and two in Ottapidaram were reported partially damaged and one house in Tiruchendur collapsed.

Chilly winds accompanied by the incessant rain forced the residents to remain indoors. Many roads were inundated.

The sky remained overcast throughout the day. The maximum rainfall of 90 mm was recorded in Vanchchi Maniyachi. The rainfall recorded in mm in various stations of the district were: Tiruchendur – 31; Kayathar – 40; Kulasekarapattinam ; Vilathikulam – 12; Kadalkudi – 13; Vaipar – 29; Surangudi – 17; Kadambur – 77; Kalugumalai – 83; Kovilpatti – 71; Ottapidaram – 44; Vednatham – 40; Keelaarasaradi – 56; Ettayapuram – 44; Sathankulam – 36; Srivaikuntam – 22 and Tuticorin – 15.9 mm.


Heavy rain continued to lash various parts of the district and the sky remained overcast throughout the district.

The maximum rainfall recorded of 65 mm was recorded at Chittar I. The others are: Chittar II-57, Pechipparai-50, Kottaram-31, Puthen dam-30, Surulode -25.3, Kannimar-18 and Boothapandi-13.

Water level in the dams (in feet): Pechipprai- 26.75, Perunchani- 48.15; Chittar I- 6.78 and Chittar II-6.85.


Tamilnadu: Rain continues in Tuticorin and Kanyakumari districts

Drizzle in Tirunelveli, three houses completely damaged, student electrocuted

TIRUNELVELI: A holiday was declared for all schools in the district on Saturday also as widespread intermittent drizzle continued here and the level in the major irrigation dams has been increasing steadily.

While the dams received significant rainfall on Friday night and also on Saturday, precipitation in the plains decreased to a great extent with only intermittent drizzle drenching the streets.

However, the drizzle also stopped suddenly in the afternoon.

flooded: Water stagnating on Tuticorin-Palayamkottai Road on Saturday.— Photo: N. Rajesh

While nine houses were partly damaged in the rain so far during this monsoon in the district, three dwellings were completely damaged.

Tourists were advised not to take bath in the waterfalls at Courtallam.

But visitors were allowed at Tiger Falls.

M. Muthukumar (17), a polytechnic student from Puliyampatti near Sankarankovil, was electrocuted on Friday night when he accidentally touched a live electric wire in his farm.

Storage level in dams (in feet): Papanasam – 92.50 (Maximum capacity 143 feet), Servalar – 117.62 (156), Manimuthar – 83.70 (118), Gadana – 83 (85), Ramanadhi – 82 (84), Karuppanadhi – 70.29 (72), Gundar – 36 (36), Vadakku Pachchaiyaar – 25 (50), Adavinainar – 95 (132), Nambiyar – 10.50 (22.96) and Kodumudiyar – 39.50 (52).

Rainfall (in mm) – Papanasam and Manimuthar dams – 100, Servalar dam – 85 mm, Ambasamudram – 95, Alangulam – 44.60, Shencottai – 43.70, Tenkasi – 34.30, Nanguneri – 27, Aayikudi – 26.20, Sankarankovil – 23, Radhapuram – 19, Palayamkottai – 14.40, Sivagiri – 12.50 and Tirunelveli – 12.20.


Heavy rain continued to lash various parts of the district for the second day on Saturday.

A maximum rain fall of 60 mm was recorded at Chittar I followed by 55 mm in Chittar II, 54 mm in Pechipparai, 31.6 mm in Kottaram, 28.8 mm in Puthen dam,25.3 mm in Surulode, 18.1 mm in Kannimar and12.2 mm in Boothapandi.

The level in the Pechipprai Dam stood at 26.25 feet, 48.15 feet in Perunchani, 6.78 feet in Chittar I and 6.85feet in Chittar II.


Moderate rainfall continued to lash several parts of the district on Saturday. Several low lying areas were inundated and roads were waterlogged.

Traffic was affected, particularly on Palayamkottai Road and normal life was thrown out of gear.

Many ATMs were inaccessible as there are sheets of water in front of them.

A maximum rainfall of 35 mm was recorded at Kayalpattinam.

Rainfall (in mm) recorded in various stations of the district are as follows: Tiruchendur – 28; Kulasekaraqpattinam – 34; Srivaikuntam- 23; Kovilpatti – 12; Kayathar – 12; Kadambur – 16; Kalugumalai – 18; Vilathikulam – 21; Kadalkudi – 12; Surangudi – 12; Vaipar – 11; Ottapidaram – 13; Vanchchi Maniyachi – 11; Vedanatham – 10; Keelarasaradi – 10; Ettayapuram – 7; Srivaikuntam – 26 and Tuticorin – 12.4 mm.